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This is the new iPhone this year: ultra-narrow bezel Liu Haiping!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
In addition, it can now be basically concluded that all three new iPhones will continue to adopt the full-screen design of bangs and be equipped with Face ID. If you don't like the Liu Haiping design, you will be disappointed with the three new phones released by Apple this year. Not surprisingly, in the entire smartphone market, there will still be many products that choose to continue to imitate Apple's designs. Liu Haiping is estimated to be the main theme in the second half of this year or even next year. In addition, Ben Geskin also released pictures of three new iPhones together. Of course, they may not be real phones, but even if they are models, they should not be too different from the real phones. Of course, we are also very curious about what methods Apple will use to create differences for these three new products with similar designs. In addition to appearance, performance, and photography, what new things can Apple's top flagship phones bring? So, will these three new iPhones appear in your purchase list? Based on the large amount of exposure information that has appeared before, we have basically determined that Apple will bring three new iPhones this year. In addition to the successor to the iPhone X, Apple will also launch a cheap mobile phone that will be equipped with an LCD screen. Just today, the well-known whistleblower Ben Geskin released a spy photo of the front panel of three new iPhones on Twitter, from which we can have a preliminary understanding of the appearance of these new products in advance. Judging from the pictures, these three new iPhones all use a full-screen design with bangs, with well-controlled borders and chin width, and a high overall screen-to-body ratio. However, after careful observation and comparison, you can still find that the chin of the 6.1-inch version of the iPhone is wider than the 5.8-inch version and the 6.5-inch version. According to previous exposure information, the cheap 6.1-inch version of the new iPhone will use an LCD screen. Due to the limitations of packaging technology, it is impossible to make the chin of the phone as narrow as the OLED model. Of course, compared with iPhone X, the chin width of the border of these three new iPhones are better controlled. In addition, according to recent news, Apple's cheap iPhone will use Japan's Nichia (Nichia) 0.3t LED chip, which can further narrow the chin, and the packaged effect will not be too far from the OLED COP. Judging from the spy photos, Apple should have solved this technical problem.
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