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The world's first! Nubia releases multi-port flat 65W white gallium nitride charger

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-30
At the Nubia Z30Pro conference held this afternoon, Nubia also brought a large white 65W ultra-thin foldable gallium nitride charger, priced at 179 yuan. It is the industry's first multi-port flat 65W GaN, with a thickness of only 16.8mm, supports wall plugs, foldable design, and easy to carry. As the name suggests, the Nubia Grand White 65W ultra-thin foldable gallium nitride charger is white, thin and high-value. It is currently the thinnest multi-port charger with 65W high power, which can power notebooks, supports dual-port simultaneous fast charging, and is compatible with multiple charging protocols. Also released is the Nubia 120W Deuterium Nitride Charger, only the size of a bank card, with a standard 120W PD line, providing 2C1A three-port fast charging at the same time, supporting dual notebook fast charging, priced at 269 yuan, May 24 The pre-sale starts at 20 o'clock. During the pre-sale period, the deposit is 5 yuan to 45 yuan, and the first sale will be at 0 o'clock on June 1. There is also a Nubian Sugar Pro 30W Gallium Nitride charger, cube shape, foldable design, compatible with multiple devices, and provide multiple safety protections. The price is 69 yuan, and the deposit is 5 yuan to 15 yuan during the pre-sale period. The pre-sale will start at 20 o'clock on May 24 and will be sold at 0 o'clock on June 1st.
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