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The top performance of the new generation of MacBook Pro has been dragged down by heat dissipation?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
No matter how powerful the processor is, its potential is limited in this case. Unless Apple can design a better radiator and fan module, MacBook Pro will face the embarrassment of severe heat generation and frequency reduction as the internal configuration upgrades. Scenes. Dave Lee also shared some Premiere Pro rendering time data. The performance of the 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro with Core i9 processor is not as good as the 2017 MacBook Pro with Core i7. Apple’s newly released 2018 MacBook Pro 15-inch top version is directly connected to the Intel Core i9 processor, clocked at 2.9GHz. Everyone is looking forward to this CPU update for a long time, so even if the price is quite the same (the top price is nearly 5 Ten thousand yuan) There are still many users who want to buy the best configuration at once. Of course, if you want to continue to upgrade, you can also add money to upgrade to the i9 version of Turbo Boost up to 4.8GHz. When Apple announced the new MacBook Pro equipped with i9 processor, many fans also discussed the heat dissipation problem. It is well known that the MacBook Pro series are light and thin, small in size, small in internal space and compact in design. High heat generation has always been an unavoidable problem. Upgrade to i9 processor, can its heat dissipation keep up? Foreign YouTube user Dave Lee shared a video today. In the video, he tested the heat dissipation capacity of the new MacBook Pro. He believes that at least at this stage, Apple has not designed a better heat dissipation function for the Intel Core i9, and the processor is due to heat dissipation. The speed limit is severe, and it is recommended that you purchase the top version with caution. According to his test, when running Adobe Premiere Pro, the Intel Core i9 processor is smartly maintained at 2.2GHz, which can't even reach 2.9GHz, let alone the turbo frequency. The 2018 15-inch MacBook Pro takes 39 minutes to render, and the 2017 model takes only 35 minutes. Although Premiere Pro is not specifically optimized for macOS, the gap is still obvious. Dave Lee put the 2018 MacBook Pro in the refrigerator and tested it again. This time, the Core i9 processor of the 2018 MacBook Pro performed very well, and it only took 27 minutes to complete the rendering. The speed limit of the 2018 i9 MacBook Pro is unacceptable, and professional users will be greatly affected. This test from a netizen may not be comprehensive. Severely feverish frequency reduction is also a normal protection method for portable devices. Therefore, Dave Lee’s video cannot be used to recklessly draw conclusions, but what he proposed about the MacBook Pro series should be It is more advisable to upgrade the heat dissipation module along with the performance upgrade and Apple's suggestion that it should optimize the i9 processor (including the CPU that will be updated in the future). It is not yet clear how Apple will respond to this issue. We will continue to pay attention to more news about the 2018 MacBook Pro.
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