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The scratched screen itself is still a protected visual effect-Shenzhen mobile phone protective film material supplier

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-02
The mainstream mobile phone protective film materials on the market are all three-layer PET electrostatic adsorption. The so-called electrostatic adsorption does not mean that it is really only based on static electricity, but refers to the side of the film in contact with the screen that has a layer of silica gel substrate material. The adsorption is not strong but the light transmission is good. The mobile phone protective film material has three layers, the upper and lower layers are both protective layers, which will be removed when the film is applied. The effect of using this kind of film to protect the screen is to prevent accidental scratches, and it does not damage the surface of the screen, and the removal will not leave residual glue. Because there is no glue, the light transmittance can reach more than 95%. The actual effect is really good. High-end mobile phone protective film, its own scratch resistance will be much stronger. General daily cleaning and maintenance will not cause damage to the membrane, and will not leave scratches. At the same time, using such a film will improve the visual effect, at least some people feel it. But this type of film is also different. The lowest-priced film on the market can only play a protective role, not radiation protection, and is not very wear-resistant. After a period of time, there may be scratches on the surface of the film, and the visual effect of the screen itself or being protected is not very good. Identification method: ①Look at the thickness of the screen film, too thin is unlikely to be a good film. ②The high scratch-resistant film has a feature. If you don’t turn on the screen after being attached to the screen, you can see the color pattern on the screen similar to the oil layer. This kind of film is more durable and will not be left on the film when you scratch it with your nails. Under traces. It is non-reflective and can enhance the color reproduction of the LCD screen, effectively prevent ultraviolet rays, and can effectively absorb part of the direct collision to protect your mobile phone screen.
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