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The rhythm of berserk! OPPO Find X White Edition Exposure: Will the face value be higher?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-17
However, OPPO Find X already has ice amber blue, Bordeaux red and other colors, and its appearance is extremely good. If it's a white version, it doesn't have the feeling of ambilight. The white frame will also destroy the sense of unity of the screen aesthetics to a certain extent. Of course, color has always been a matter of radish and greens. There is no absolute distinction between good and bad. OPPO Find X launched a white version, giving many users one more choice, which is not a bad thing. As far as the OPPO Find X phone itself is concerned, in addition to its high-value appearance, its performance is also a highlight. OPPO Find X is the first OPPO mobile phone equipped with a top-level flagship processor in recent years. It uses the Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB of large memory. This configuration does not fall behind in the Android flagship camp. In the mobile phone industry this year, the most surprising thing is that OV launched the top flagship phone and carried the banner of innovation. OPPO Find X is a latecomer, earning a lot of attention with the world's largest screen-to-body ratio and lifting mechanical structure. The high price of this mobile phone of 4999 yuan did not stop its hot sale, and its sales exceeded 100 million on the first day of sale. However, some users feel a little regret that OPPO Find X does not have a white version, and some people even put out a rendering of the white version on their own PS. Recently, a whistleblower finally brought a piece of good news. According to digital blogger @熊本科技, OPPO Find X has a white version and released a spy photo that only took a part of the real machine. This picture does not give us much information, but at least it shows that OPPO Find X is still very likely to launch a white version. In digital products such as mobile phones, white color matching has always had many fans. For a long time in the past, the color of mobile phones was mostly black, and the white version was more popular. Of course, in terms of price, OPPO Find X has also achieved a new breakthrough. But in terms of its configuration and design, the starting price of 4999 yuan is not expensive. So, do you think it is necessary for OPPO Find X to launch a white version? Among these mobile phone color schemes, which one do you prefer? Everyone is watching, awesome! No need to bring your ID card when you go out! The truth is! It turns out that smart door locks are better to make money than mobile phones? It smells more spirited than the body fragrance of the goddess. What is the charm of this little black stick? The price is going to heaven? Another scary feature of Honor Note10 is exposed: Rolls-Royce customized version with 6.9-inch giant screen + long battery life! Xiaomi Max 3 packaging box, front view exposure, revolutionary product will be postponed? Luo Yonghao's Weibo has been emptied of TNT workstation related content. END SupBro Waterproof, Dustproof and Antifouling Super Spray This waterproof spray can make your shoes 'invisible'! If you want to wear shoes presumptuously when traveling on rainy days, this waterproof spray (portal) is recommended for wall cracks.
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