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The Redmi note4 released in the same year was hit by an iPhone7, which is so interesting!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
Let’s take a look at the performance of the actual operation. We first opened Weibo, Taobao, and Find Liangji, and the short video of Douyin. After comparing these four apps, the iPhone 7 won globally, but the Redmi Note4 did not. Show weakness, not much slower. Lei Jun once said: 'Run for a minute if you refuse to accept it'! So we opened AnTuTu, and the two phones started the test together. In the early stage of the running score, there was no difference. When it came later, Redmi was a lot slower, and the settings were often stuck. The iPhone 7 finished the run with a score of 154,800 points, and the Redmi finished the run later with a score of 80,922 points. The results of both are in line with the performance on the price point. When the iPhone 7 first came out, it was 5388 yuan, and the price of the almost brand-new iPhone 7 in the Liangji APP is currently 2250 yuan. To sum up, as two mobile phones released in 2016, one is positioned as the flagship and the other is positioned at the low-end. With the powerful configuration and optimization of the ios system, the iPhone 7 has left Redmi Note 4 behind, and Redmi Note 4 is also good, after all, the price is still cheap. . 2250 yuan iPhone7 was challenged by Redmi Note4? This speed gap, I think it is baffled! The Redmi series has always been the series with the largest shipments in Xiaomi mobile phones, because the price of Redmi is cheap and its performance is also good. Today we are going to compare the redmi note4, the hot-selling redmi note4, and the global mobile phone sales leader iPhone7. Who wins and loses between the two, is it a pebbly? Let's wait and see! Let's take a look at the boot speed first, and boot together, okay... In the first game, Redmi Note4 was a step slower. After iPhone 7 entered the homepage and played a few times, Redmi caught up. It seems that the basic configuration It is very important, as you can see in the boot speed. First, comparing the appearance, iPhone7 and Redmi Note4 both adopt a metal integrated appearance. The redmi on the back has a horizontal antenna strip, which is very similar to the previous iPhone6. On the iPhone7 side, the back is curved with minor repairs. Antenna strip. The iPhone 7 uses a 4.7-inch screen, while the Redmi Note 4 uses a 5.5-inch screen. Compared with the two, although the Redmi Note 4 is much larger on the screen, it is not a full screen. The screen-to-body ratio is still very low, and the body In terms of feel, the overall appearance of the Redmi Note4 is square, while the iPhone7 is more rounded. In terms of configuration, iPhone 7 is equipped with Apple A10 processor, Redmi note 4 is equipped with MediaTek X20 processor. The theoretical configuration is that the A10 processor of iPhone 7 is much stronger. Redmi note 4 should be spiked, depending on the actual test. .
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