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The principle of automatic repair protective film perfect repair function characteristics-Dongguan Optical Material Factory

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-31
The working principle of this technology is mainly to apply a self-healing wet coating to the polyterephthalic acid film. This self-healing coating has the characteristics of high viscosity, high elasticity and cushioning. The properties make the protection resistant to scratches and self-healing. The perfect repair function of the screen protector has the following characteristics: 1. The PET raw material imported from Japan has high abrasion resistance. 2. It can perfectly repair the scratches of the screen and give the screen all-round protection. 3. Using special silicone resin, excellent anti-air bubble function, can be washed and reused. 4. Special optical characteristics, prevent ultraviolet and infrared rays from penetrating. 5. Extend the service life of the equipment and prevent the adverse effects of light. 6. The new high-quality protective stickers provide the best protection for your equipment and add fresh elements to your life.
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