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The official Weibo of Sharp's mobile phone was emptied: Will it be cold in the year after returning?

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
It should be noted that the sales of Sharp mobile phones have not been satisfactory. On the eve of Sharp’s release of the AQUOS S2 mobile phone, Luo Zhongsheng, then general manager of Sharp’s mobile phone business department, said: “If a product has only one million sales in the future, it should be said to be a failure. 'But after Sharp launched a variety of mobile phones, this brand controlled by Foxconn has never accounted for more than 1% of the mobile phone market in mainland China. It is important to know that Gionee, whose sales have fallen sharply due to previous problems, has a market share of more than 1%. . Another area worth noting is that Luo Zhongsheng’s Weibo certification has been changed from Foxconn Technology Group’s senior vice president to “senior communication person digital blogger”. His last Weibo was posted on June 30 and the content was “ Transformation, hard work, not afraid of difficulties, unite as one, rebirth from Nirvana!' It implies that Sharp Mobile is currently in a difficult situation and is undergoing transformation. According to news on July 18, a few days ago, Sharp’s official Weibo account suddenly deleted all Weibo without explaining the reason. This caused many people to talk about it. Many netizens speculate that this may be a precursor to Sharp's withdrawal from the Chinese mainland market again. It is reported that Sharp mobile phones withdrew from the Chinese mainland market in 2005 and 2013, and made a comeback in 2017, and launched new products such as AQUOS S2.
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