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The new industry standard of 749 yuan! Apple's original MagSafe mobile power bank first dismantling-Apple, mobile power, MagSafe

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-06
The new Apple iPhone 12 series adopts a new magnetic wireless charging method, and successively designed two wireless charging accessories for mobile phones, MagSafe magnetic wireless charger and MagSafe Duo Charger dual wireless charger. On July 14, a new product 'MagSafe External Battery' was launched on the Apple Store. In fact, this is a MagSafe magnetic wireless charging mobile power supply, the price is as high as 749 yuan, the price can be said to be very Apple. Strictly speaking, this can be said to be Apple's first mobile power bank, which can charge the entire iPhone 12 series with 15W wireless charging, and it has attracted great attention once it was launched. On July 20th, Apple’s MagSafe magnetic wireless charging power bank was officially on sale, and the charging head network was the first time to buy two offline for evaluation and disassembly. The total built-in capacity of the product is 11.13Wh, which is equivalent to a 2920mAh double-string lithium-ion battery pack, so the overall is relatively small and feels quite good. Although the price is very Apple, but the corresponding design and workmanship level is not comparable to ordinary products. Below, the charging head net will disassemble this MagSafe mobile power bank in detail to see how the 749 yuan power bank is doing. 1. The design of the Apple MagSafe mobile power packaging box is very concise. The front is printed with the product appearance, and the Apple logo, iPhone Battery Pack and MagSafe are printed on the appearance. On the back are printed product usage scenarios, a price tag of 749 yuan, CE certification, etc. Compatible device information is marked on the side sticker, which is compatible with MagSafe for iPhone (with the latest version of iOS). The product model, input parameters and other information are marked on the sticker on the other side. There is an easy-pull-unseal strip beside the hook for easy opening of the package. The drawer-style design of the box can be easily pulled out by hooks. A list of everything in the package, including the MagSafe mobile power bank, multiple operating instructions and warranty certificates. The MagSafe power bank is protected by a scratch-resistant plastic film. The design of the Apple MagSafe mobile power bank is also very simple, with a striking Apple logo on the front. The other mating surface is in gray color, and there is a white circle area equivalent to the size of the MagSafe wireless charger, that is, the wireless charging area. Align the area with the center of the back of the iPhone 12 to perform magnetic wireless charging. Product parameters are printed in the lower area. Product name: MagSafe Power Bank Model: A2384 Input: 5-9V3A Max Rated Capacity: 1460mAh 11.13Wh Battery Type: Lithium-ion battery Apple has a Lightning input interface at the bottom center of the fuselage, decorated with a metal ring Quite delicate, with an LED charging indicator on the right. The measured length of the fuselage is 95.8mm. The width is 64.13mm. The thickness is 11.28mm. Compared with the smallest iPhone 12 mini, the width is about the same. The length is a bit short. In fact, it can be said that this length is just right, so that it will not be pushed up by the camera of the iPhone 12 mini, and the user experience will be better. The intuitive feeling of holding it in your hand. The net weight is about 114g. For iPhone 12 mini users, the thickness of the mobile phone plus the power bank is 18.72mm. The weight is about 247g. For iPhone 12 users, the thickness of the mobile phone plus the power bank is 19.38mm. The weight is about 286g. For iPhone 12 Pro users, the thickness of the mobile phone plus the power bank is 19.13mm. The weight is about 301g. For iPhone 12 Pro Max users, the thickness of the mobile phone plus the power bank is 18.84mm. The weight is about 339g. After the iPhone 12 series mobile phone system is updated to the iOS14.7 version, using the MagSafe mobile power supply to charge the mobile phone will unlock a new charging animation, which can display the power of the mobile phone and the MagSafe mobile power supply at the same time, which is convenient and intuitive. During wireless charging, the indicator light will light up in orange. Use Apple’s original 20W charger to charge the MagSafe mobile power bank. The input power measured by the ChargerLAB POWER-Z KM001C is 8.95V 1.88A 16.77W, which is really fast for this capacity power bank. At this time, the indicator light is also bright orange. Home Previous 1 2 Next Last Full Text
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