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The most beautiful power bank in the history of Zimi is on the shelves: iPhone 12 and 13 in color? -Power Bank, Zimi-Fast Technology (Drive

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-30
The color of the iPhone never disappoints. Whether it's the already launched iPhone 12 fragrant purple or the upcoming iPhone 13 macho powder, all those who like pink can't stop it. If you combine the two colors together, the visual effect must be very stunning! And Zimi has really made it. Its Zixia powder fast charging source is a fusion of purple and pink, making it the most attractive one among the Zimi charging treasures. This power bank is called the Zimi 10000mAh mobile power mini high-end version. It is currently on pre-sale. The original price is 199 yuan, and the initial price is 179 yuan. It will be officially launched on June 1. Its one-piece molding process, the edges are round and soft, and the hand grip experience is delicate and gentle. The UV spray paint treatment enhances the overall texture, and the top and bottom are made of ceramic-like high-gloss technology, which is like a warm jade. Its body is small and portable, equivalent to 3/5 the size of the iPhone 12 mini screen, weighs about 202g, and can be easily put in a pocket or backpack. It has a built-in high-quality 21700 power cell, provides a USB-C and a USB-A interface, and supports charging for two smart devices. With ZMI USB Type-C to Lightning data cable, it provides fast charging for iPhone 12, which can charge 60% in 30 minutes. When the USB-A interface is output alone, the charging power can reach up to 22.5W, and when the USB-C interface is output alone, the charging power can reach 30W MAX, which can charge the Redmi K40 to 100% in 66 minutes. Double-click the battery check button to enter the low-current charging mode, which can charge low-current devices such as Bluetooth headsets and Xiaomi bracelets. Purchase link: Jingdong (179 yuan)
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