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The mobile phone has changed dramatically! Huawei and BOE suddenly announced big events!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
2. What is Huawei? This is an enterprise that represents the highest level of communications and mobile phone manufacturing in China. What is BOE? This is an enterprise that represents the highest level of screen manufacturing in China. Today, the two peaks came together and joined forces to fight back, rekindling the confidence of the Chinese people in manufacturing, and inspiring the courage of the Chinese people to strive for self-improvement. This is not only because these two companies are large-scale and technologically advanced, but also because they are spiritually a model of resurrection, standing firm, and indomitable. 'I am worthy of my motherland, people, career and employees in my life!' At this moment, we saw Huawei, a Chinese company that is proud of 1.4 billion people, and Ren Zhengfei, which opened up 98.6% of its equity to Employees, 70-year-old Chinese entrepreneurs who are still fighting on the battlefield and never enjoy the ease! 'Even if Huawei and other domestic products do not use my screen, when negotiating with foreign companies, because of the existence of BOE, the waist can stand up!' At this moment, we saw BOE-a family that has been like a day for decades, even if it is lost. Trousers also need to engage in companies that independently research and develop core technologies. I saw Wang Dongsheng, an entrepreneur who had his family and country in mind and never regretted his death. Faced with the wall for ten years, the picture broke the wall, and it is difficult to repay the hero as a hero. Precisely because of such an enterprise, and because of such an entrepreneur, we hold our heads up in front of foreigners, and we can smile contemptuously at those who always think that foreign moons are rounder than China! One at least 1 million yuan! This is the number of independent flexible OLED screens that BOE will supply to Huawei this year! Joined forces! According to reports, Huawei has quietly reached a cooperation with BOE. Huawei Mate 20Pro, which will be launched in the second half of the year, will use BOE flexible OLED screens in large quantities, and production of these screens will begin at the end of this month. The thickness of 0.03 mm is thinner than paper! Bend and fold at will, without any obstacles! This is the flexible OLED screen BOE will provide to Huawei! This sixth-generation flexible screen produced by BOE can be bent and foldable. With this screen, future mobile phones may be able to roll up! This may mean that Huawei and BOE, China's largest screen manufacturer, will jointly release a new generation of 8-inch foldable mobile phones. Farewell to the phone! The mass production of folding screens will undoubtedly set off a revolution in display technology and completely change the display form of existing mobile phones. This time, Chinese companies will make a big mark on the milestone of mobile phone evolution, and Chinese users may use folding screen mobile phones as early as November 2018! The existence of companies such as Huawei and BOE further contrasts some Chinese companies, in a sense, some 'giant baby' atmosphere remains. This also shows that if a company is strong, China is strong! This strength lies not only in scale, but also in profitability. It lies in technology, innovation, responsibility and responsibility! For our ordinary consumers, when others are suppressing our business, as a member of China, we must support our business even more! Given that there are similar alternatives and more affordable products in China, Chinese consumers, why don't you buy domestic products? You know, although in the current era of globalization, production is that you have me in you and you in me, but it does not mean that there is no concept of domestic products. Our company has gone through a difficult road. Behind their excellence, there are too many hardships. Domestic products are never out of date. Buying domestic products is the most direct expression of our patriotic feelings!
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