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The material of the screen protector and the functions of the three screen protectors

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
Understand the material of the screen protector and the functions of the three screen protectors. Let’s start with the materials! The screen protection film is made of a transparent medium with good light transmittance. Most of the screen protection films sold on the market are made of PET (Polythylene terephthalate) as raw materials. The function of the three kinds of screen protection film 1. Ordinary screen protection film can only be used to prevent dust, and basically does not have the effect of preventing scratches. 2. Most of the screen protectors we use on mobile phones are slightly better, because they have a crystal scratch-resistant coating, which can effectively prevent scratches. 3. The best screen protective film is a protective film infiltrated with metal elements, which is generally used on high-end notebook screens. The screen protective film infiltrated with metal elements can isolate electromagnetic waves to a certain extent, and effectively reduce electromagnetic radiation, which is what we call anti-radiation screen protective film. The anti-radiation screen protective film can also reduce the dazzling feeling brought by our computer monitors for a long time, while retaining the characteristics of scratch resistance.
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