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The latest strategy to check in Hong Kong during the holidays! Bring money, friends, and vivo NEX

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-19
If Hong Kong is a paradise for shoppers, it must also be a feed station for foodies. The siu mai, shrimp dumplings, money belly, etc. of Hong Kong-style dim sum are all salivating when you think of it. However, fish balls are the favorite of Hong Kong people. According to recent statistics, Hong Kong people consume nearly 4 million fish balls every year. If you go to Hong Kong, you must try the most authentic fish balls. The arrival of the summer is the carnival of countless student parties, and the hard-working party can only envy it. For most people, a walk-and-go trip is so far away, but there are many interesting and worth exploring places nearby. Take Hong Kong, for example, as a city with an extremely human touch, Hong Kong-produced movies and stars carry many unique memories of the post-80s and post-90s generations. In this midsummer, the editor said to leave, take the hard-earned money and friends, and of course, the magical tool for taking pictures and punching cards-vivo NEX set foot in Hong Kong together to shoot their own Hong Kong-produced blockbusters. At present, food, of course, must carry forward the concept of 'mobile phone eat first' in Hong Kong. In addition to 'buy, buy, buyUnder the lens of vivo NEX, the fish balls look delicious and springy, and the outer sauce adds flavor to the fish balls. Thanks to the development of AI smart camera technology, vivo NEX automatically blurs the background at the moment of focusing, and is supported by AI filters. It can be sent out and shared with everyone without retouching at all. These two fish balls are almost as if they are about to pop out of the screen. I have to say that the camera performance of the vivo NEX is really top-notch, so that the steel straight man-style camera technology of the editor can also shoot blockbuster movies. After eating fish balls, a bowl of fresh and hot pork porridge is even more perfect. The texture of the porridge is silky and delicate, and the pork is also very tender and smooth. You can feel the full sincerity of this bowl of porridge through the camera. After taking the picture with vivo NEX, it can recognize the objects in the picture according to the AI u200bu200bimage recognition, and appropriately optimize it according to the scene of the picture, plus the gourmet filter, uploading such pictures to the circle of friends, it is not too faceless. With blue seas and blue sky, the pier under the vivo NEX is full of vitality. To describe a pier with 'vital vitalityThat's right! The sea under the blue sea and blue sky is like the sea and the sky, and the boats on the sea are arranged in a random way. Walking quietly on the edge of the pier feels like a goddess in a Hong Kong drama. Of course, this situation is to take out the vivo NEX to expose the beautiful scenery in front of you to the circle of friends for the first time! I have to say that the P3 color gamut photography technology of vivo NEX is really not covered. The saturation, brightness, and contrast values u200bu200bof the colors are very balanced, which makes the experience on the eyes very comfortable, and truly realizes what you see is what you get, zero. This is the first time that chromatic aberration imaging has been realized on a mobile phone. In Hong Kong, you may never be able to stop, slow down and enjoy life. After visiting the wharf, we immediately rushed to Hong Kong's CBD—Central, where the crowded streets and endless roads are facing the pressure of life. However, with vivo NEX, a camera artifact, even a busy market can express the feeling of enjoying the moment. Vivo NEX uses AI smart camera technology to master the right time and place, and other conditions, to reflect the most authentic Hong Kong street photos with a different style. You can live a fast-paced lifestyle at ease! Backlight? night view? Not afraid of all! Vivo NEX brings the most authentic Hong Kong for a day. In fact, it is already very tired, but the night scene of Hong Kong cannot be overlooked. The neon lights kept flashing, and the crowds and vehicles on the street didn't mean to stop because of nightfall. Many people are worried that taking pictures of night scenes with mobile phones will not give you a real feeling. But because the editor is holding the extraordinary flagship of vivo NEX, I am not afraid at all. AI backlight photography, anti-shake settings, professional night scene photography modes are all available, 360-degree photography of Hong Kong night scenes. There is no need to adjust various parameters like a SLR camera. Turning on the AI u200bu200bbacklight to take pictures is a blockbuster at your fingertips. Vivo NEX's AI smart camera is undoubtedly a good helper for the editor and friends during their trip in Hong Kong, but the surprise that Vivo NEX brings us is far from that. As we all know, vivo NEX is equipped with Snapdragon 845 processor and 8GB+128GB storage combination. Even when multiple applications are running, the fluency of the phone has not slowed down at all. With the help of Jovi AI personal assistant, we did not become road idiots in those complicated road conditions in Hong Kong. In short, after this journey, the experience of using vivo NEX is superb, and it has attracted many friends in the circle of friends. jealous. Do you want to travel as cool as the editor? Bring money, friends, and the super powerful vivo NEX, even if you travel across oceans, don’t worry.
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