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The latest release of nokia 515 uses a 2.4-inch qvga display

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-10
According to reports, Nokia has officially released the nokia 515 feature phone late on the 28th Beijing time. This phone is very textured and sells for 115 euros in the European market. The nokia 515 uses a very textured aluminum body with black and white colors. The aluminum alloy surface will remind you of htc one or iphone. It is very textured. The surface of the body is covered with Corning's second-generation Gorilla Glass. This screen is in The performance under the sun is very good, it uses a 2.4-inch qvga display with LCD 262k technology.  Nokia 515 is equipped with a 5-megapixel camera, supports 100-degree panoramic view, continuous shooting and voice-activated Selfie, and is equipped with an LED flash. The storage capacity of the fuselage is 256m, and it supports micorsd card expansion. It has two versions of single and dual sim cards, and the standby time of a single card is up to 38 days.   In addition, nokia 515 also supports hsdpa (3.5 g) network. Nokia positions this phone as the'smart phone's assistant'.   This article has been compiled and published by the Global Information Network (, and shall not be reprinted without authorization!
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