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The last few years have seen a steady shift in

by:YoukingTech     2021-07-04

Where do laptops stand now?

Of course, desktop computers are always going to be the choice for people who use professional programs and play graphic intensive games, but where does that leave the humble laptop? A laptop has always been a way to bring your computer with you wherever you go, whether the need was to edit some documents on the go, check your email or play a casual game. However, a laptop is still not as powerful as a desktop, does not usually have user-changeable hardware and can often cost a great deal more than a desktop. Now that smartphones and tablets have matured, they cover nearly all aspects that we used to rely on our laptops to provide, and certainly surpass the point of portability. Does this mean that laptops are slowly dying an inevitable death, soon to be replaced by tablet computers?

Apple iPad: The game changer

Since the release of Apple's iPadback in 2010, the portable computing market has changed significantly. With a large screen, excellent hardware and one of the most easy to use operating systems available, the iPad really can be a laptop replacement for many people. One of the main benefits of an iPad is the ability to always be connected to the internet through a mobile data network such as 3G, which means that you can browse the web, check social networking websites, send emails and share your photos no matter where you are. This convenience gives the iPad a huge advantage over laptops in this modern age where it is almost a necessity to be online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to keep up to date.

Smartphones: Casual browsing sorted

If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone, you will no doubt already be aware of how much you rely on it to stay connected. Even a trip to the toilet these days seems incomplete without my smartphone to catch up on my favourite blogs or watch an episode of The Big Bang Theory. In fact, I generally only use my laptop to play games at the moment, although even that is decreasing as the apps on mobiles and tablets increase in quality.

With 7% of all web traffic in the USA coming from mobile devices as of October 2011, people are realising that their phones and tablets can do all and more that their laptops were able to do just a few short years ago. This figure has been increasing exponentially over recent years and looks set to continue with this growth.

Do I really need my laptop?

If you are a casual internet user and spend your time online chatting with friends, viewing photos and movies and writing emails, a tablet computer may be all you need. They are affordable, portable and with a thriving app based eco-system, the functionality of them increases on a daily basis.

Is your laptop collecting dust? Want to buy a tablet computer, but low on funds? Why not get cash for your laptop and put that money towards a new tablet or save the cash for a rainy day? There are specialist websites online which will offer you cash for laptops, and whilst some people may still appreciate using a laptop or desktop computer, I'm sure that many people could be using a more convenient device and still get the same rich online experience. Once you get going, you will never miss the heavy, cumbersome paperweight that your laptop has become.

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