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The hard plastic sheet is gently pushed along the direction of the film to avoid air bubbles-Dongguan Optical Materials Manufacturing

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-31
(1). The protruding part tears off the first layer of the auxiliary film of the mobile phone protective film. Remember, do not completely tear this layer of auxiliary film and tear off a corner, and do not expose the bonding surface It is easy to get dust in the air for a long time. (2). Align the side with the secondary film uncovered on the screen, and slowly stick it on the screen. (3). Use a credit card or hard plastic sheet to gently push in the direction of the film. This way, gently push in the direction of the film. The purpose of this is to ensure that no bubbles are generated during the filming process. It is also necessary to observe whether there are bubbles in the bonded part. Once bubbles are found, they should be lifted gently. After removing the dust, continue to operate. If the bubbles are completely attached, it is not easy to remedy the bubbles. (4). After being completely flattened, slowly tear off the second secondary film on the surface.
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