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The guy was blinded by the explosion of the charger while he was sleeping: the fragments almost broke his eyeballs Bargain from the street stall-charger, sleeping, guy-Kuaike

by:YoukingTech     2021-09-01
Charging is no small matter, don't use the charger indiscriminately. In recent years, safety accidents caused by charging have been reported frequently. Recently, there was another case, and the parties suffered heavy losses. According to domestic media reports, recently, when Xiao Chen from Xiamen, Fujian was sleeping, the mobile phone charger on the bedside was charging suddenly exploded, and the entire right eyelid was injured. Fortunately, the eyeball was not broken. The video doctor said: 'The entire'right eye' eyelid was all pierced. The skin, muscles, and tissues in front of the bone were all necrotic. The fragments of the charger penetrated the entire (eyelid) and hit the eyeball. But fortunately, the eyeball was not there. Break.' The doctor performed a skin graft for Xiao Chen and is currently recovering. The doctor said that although his vision will not be greatly affected in the future, his eyeballs can no longer be as flexible as before. Why does the mobile phone charger explode? Xiao Chen said that the charger that exploded was a bargain he bought at the street stall, and he didn't pay attention to whether it had a certificate. Fortunately, the explosion did not cause a fire, otherwise the product would be unimaginable.
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