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The first shot of RCS application: Xiaoyuan Technology helps Meizu Flyme to open a new era of RCS smart SMS!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-04
Part 1: In line with industry trends, Meizu's new generation of converged communications has been trapped by the cannibalization of basic communications services by OTT services such as WeChat and WhatsApp. In recent years, global operators are in need of feasible countermeasures. The increasingly mature RCS converged communication technology and industry chain has given global operators a glimpse of the dawn. In 2014, China Mobile officially announced the launch of the RCS project, in conjunction with the industry chain such as ZTE and terminal manufacturers such as Meizu, Lenovo, and Huawei. In the past few years, China Mobile has been committed to actively promoting the commercialization of RCS. As a well-known domestic mobile phone brand, Meizu has a keen sense of smell and good control over new technologies and trends in the industry in recent years. Facing the industry trend of RCS, which is expected to become the next traffic portal in the future, Meizu and Xiaoyuan Technology cooperated with other terminal manufacturers or prepared or explored, and took the lead in 'crashing the line' to bring benchmarking Flyme smart text messages. The most essential difference and advantage with social applications such as WeChat is that RCS is not a product in the form of APP. It is a solution based on terminal chips and operating system levels, and is inherently closer to users. We are in a good time. The rapid popularization of 4G networks allows consumers to enjoy the invigorating experience brought by high-speed Internet access. At the same time, due to the rapid rise of OTT services represented by WeChat, the three major domestic operators are facing the dilemma of declining revenue from basic voice and SMS services year by year. In this tug-of-war between operators and OTT services, RCS converged communication technology is considered by the industry to be the key to winning or losing. At the 2018 MWC Shanghai Mobile Conference that just came to an end, China Mobile, together with Meizu and Xiaoyuan Technology, exhibited Flyme 'Smart SMS' based on RCS technology, announcing that the application of RCS in the consumer sector has taken a crucial step. As a strategic partner of China Mobile's RCS technology, Xiaoyuan Technology has successfully helped Meizu Flyme become the first mobile phone manufacturer to make substantial progress in the field of converged communications B to C by virtue of its long-term outstanding and effective technical support for China Mobile. This not only gives operators and terminal manufacturers a 'reassuranceTherefore, whether it is card text messages or graphic videos and other functions brought by Flyme Smart SMS, users do not need to download and register, and they can start using them after booting up. If the successful grasp of industry trends allows Meizu to seize the opportunity of a new generation of converged communications, then its experience determines how far Flyme Smart SMS can go. Part 2: Integrating multiple service information, Xiaoyuan Technology's RCS smart SMS experience is better. As a service provider of China Mobile's RCS technology standard, Xiaoyuan Technology uses RCS technology to give SMS rich media attributes and behaviors in the form of Native, and develops RCS for the public Account messaging products. The RCS SMS exhibited at this conference mainly realized an innovation and several major functions. The innovation is that based on RCS technology, in the form of Native, it allows companies that have opened accounts to send down text messages, text messages, video messages, card messages and other content. Meizu combined with the Internet integration capabilities of the Flyme system to create a 'service number' innovatively by identifying the association between the quick application and the application number. On the basis of the service account, a series of functions such as card text messages, text messages and text messages and video messages are provided. These functions subvert the user's perception of traditional SMS, and at the same time bring a better user experience. For example, text messages and videos allow users to obtain fresh content like WeChat official accounts; card text messages present more concise and intuitive data information. The Flyme smart text messages and videos supported by Xiaoyuan Technology’s RCS technology have carrier-level guarantees, and their service quality and security will be superior to WeChat and other OTT applications. The advantage of being able to use without downloading and registering breaks the tedious process for users to obtain information, allowing users to enjoy the convenience brought by technology without feeling its existence. Part 3: Connect SMS business and the Internet, and enterprises can reach users more efficiently. The technical nature of RCS determines that it can provide high-quality communication tools or portals for various scenarios. Therefore, under the new RCS message mode, companies can create a variety of exclusive service scenarios, maximize brand exposure and activities, increase user stickiness and activity, and bring more effective reading rates and higher conversion rates. It has a very obvious promotion effect on the enterprise reaching and marketing customers, and it will also become a huge traffic entrance for the enterprise. From the several major functions implemented by Flyme Smart SMS, it can be seen that it has successfully broken through the barriers between traditional SMS services and the Internet. It is no longer a mechanical receiving verification code, arrears reminder and harassing SMS tool, but has a broader form. Expand and imagine the space. Once Meizu further expands the RCS application interface to connect with various extended businesses, a mature ecosystem will be built. At that time, Flyme Smart SMS will become a traffic portal and it will no longer be empty talk. For companies that want to communicate with users through SMS services, the new Flyme Smart SMS greatly solves the pain points of low efficiency of SMS delivery, single user reading experience, and distrust through a series of functions, and further brings the company closer. Relationship with users. In the future, if RCS smart SMS is further improved, this bridge connecting users and enterprises will become broader. As the next-generation basic communication platform, global operators and industry chains are sparing no effort to promote the development of RCS converged communication. The Flyme smart SMS jointly brought by Meizu and Xiaoyuan Technology sounded the clarion call for the rise of RCS. Relying on the advantages of Xiaoyuan Technology in the field of RCS technology, as well as Meizu's own strong Ru0026D capabilities and user base, Flyme Smart SMS will have a lot to do in the future RCS technology ecosystem.
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