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The difference between Huawei Mate40Pro and Mate40Pro+ will give you the answer, so you will no longer be confused!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
Huawei’s Mate40 series products have been on sale for 5 days. The models that are being re-sold at this stage are Mate40Pro, Mate40Pro+ and Mate40RS Porsche Design. The professional version of Mate40 will not be available until December 21. The price of Mate40Pro: 6499 yuan for the 8+128G version, 6999 yuan for the 8+258G version, 7999 yuan for the 8+512G version, and Mate40Pro+ only has a 12+258G version, and the market price is 8999 yuan. Because there is no same version on these two phones, the price cannot be compared immediately, but the comprehensiveness is relatively small, about 1,000-1,500 yuan. So what is the difference between the price difference of 1000-1500 yuan?    From the appearance, the front and the front of the two mobile phones are completely the same, but behind, the Mate40Pro rear camera has three cameras + laser focus sensor, while Mate40Pro+ is the rear camera. Five shots. And the material of the back cover is completely different. The first one is made of glass fiber reinforced plastic in black, white and silver and the green and yellow multi-colors of plain leather, while the latter is made of porcelain, only black and white. .   At the equipment level: both use Linlin 9000 CPU, the same display: 6.76-foot OLED screen, mixed dual hole, 88 degree curvature, 90Hz refresh rate, 240Hz touch sampling rate, screen resolution 2772*1344, ppi456.   At the camera level, the two external cameras are all 13 million + three-dimensional magnification cameras. But the difference between the rear camera camera becomes larger. At the main camera level, both phones use a sony IMX700 sensor with a 1/1.28-inch sole with a resolution of 50 million. However, the first one is AIS anti-shake, and the back is all OIS anti-shake. It is obvious that the latter is in The anti-shake level is even better.  Ultra-wide-angle lens camera: Both are 20 million video cameras, but the latter is a random oblique camera lens, the interface is more real and does not deform. Among the telephoto lens cameras, Mate40Pro has a 12 million resolution 5x optical zoom camera with OIS anti-shake effect, while Mate40Pro+ has two telephoto lens cameras, one is a 12 million resolution 3x optical zoom With OIS anti-shake camera, the other is 8 million resolution 10x optical zoom with OIS anti-shake camera.   Among other cameras, MatePro is equipped with a laser focus sensor, while Mate40Pro+ is a three-dimensional magnification camera.   At the level of rechargeable batteries, both are 4400MAh large rechargeable batteries + 66w cable TV battery charging + 50w fast charging. In terms of thickness and net weight: Mate40Pro laminated glass version 9. mm, plain leather version 9.5 mm, the net weight of both versions is 212 grams. The Mate40Pro+ is due to the porcelain material, the thickness is 8.8 mm, but the net weight is 230 grams, which is heavier.   The key difference between these two phones is taking pictures. In addition, there are some differences in the back cover material and shell color, net weight, and thickness. If you are a general mobile phone user, Mate40Pro is already good enough, for photo lovers, then choose Mate40Pro+!
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