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The basic product introduction of milky white protective film, mobile phone protective film-

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-10
Among the many protective film products, the milky white protective film is a commonly used protective product. Let's take a look at the basic product introduction of the milky white protective film. Milky white protective film is a kind of protective film made of special polyethylene plastic film as the base material and processed by several special additives. The biggest difference between this milky white protective film and other protective films is that it can decorate the appearance of the product with a milky white appearance, which can not only integrate the product well, but also bring a different experience to the product. In addition, the advantages of the milky white protective film are more obvious. It has a soft texture and good adhesion during use. It is easy to stick and peel off without leaving any traces. At the same time, the milky white color also makes it a favorite protective film product for many female friends.
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