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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-30
With the intelligent transformation of mobile phone functions, a huge industrial chain has been formed in mobile phone accessories in recent years. Mobile phone protective film is one of the typical ones. There are many types of mobile phone screen protective films on the market, but they generally rely on static electricity and The adhesive is attached to the transparent film material on the screen. The disadvantages of this type of product are easy to fall off, blistering, short life, not scratch-resistant, not shock-resistant, and not easy to stick. However, a new type of protective film-tempered glass screen protective film has appeared on the market and will not be troubled by the above problems. The tempered glass protective film only needs to be aligned and placed on the screen of the mobile phone. The user does not need to carefully paste it like a film, because the tempered glass protective film has an automatic exhaust function and there will be no unsightly bubbles. The tempered glass protective film It can resist chipping, scratches and scratches, and its toughness is enough to protect the mobile phone display from heavy pressure. The tempered glass screen protective film is composed of tempered glass and special AB double-sided adhesive. The AB double-sided adhesive is based on PET, one side is silicone and the other side is acrylic. The silicone (automatic exhaust) is attached to the mobile phone screen, and the acrylic adhesive is attached. For tempered glass.
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