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Teach you how to use the driving mode of Huawei mobile phones

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-27
Posted on 05.16 Friends who use Huawei mobile phones may know that Huawei mobile phones have a driving mode, so how to use the driving mode of Huawei mobile phones? The editor will teach you, friends who know can put forward valuable opinions, friends who don't know how to do it for reference. Method/Steps First, we turn on the phone and find the driving mode. Generally speaking, the driving mode does not appear directly on the desktop, but exists in the application folder. You need to find it carefully. 1 When you enter for the first time, there is a user Agreement, just click OK. If you don’t agree, it’s impossible to use this function. 2 After clicking OK, you will enter the driving mode interface, which mainly has five functions: navigation, telephone, music, settings and voice wake-up. 3 Follow the following Prompt, say 'hello mateThe music function is naturally to enter the music player that comes with the phone, you can choose the songs you like to listen to and download to the phone in advance. Yes, sometimes people are not very familiar with the road conditions and some cars have navigation functions. At this time, the driving mode is very useful. 7
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