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Teach you how to switch Samsung A7 small screen mode

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-28
Posted on 05.26 Feel that the Samsung A7's screen is too large and inconvenient? Then you can use the small screen mode. After the screen size reduction function is enabled, the size and layout of the screen can be adjusted so that you can operate the device with one hand and turn it on by pressing the home button three times in quick succession. The specific operation method is as follows. Method/Steps First, turn on the phone, and in the standard mode, swipe the screen to the left. 1 Then, find the [Settings] icon on the phone interface, and click to enter. 2 Now that we have entered the [Settings] page, we click on the [Display] option. 3 Enter the [Display] page, we click the [One-handed operation] option. 4 Then, click the slider on the right side of [Reduced Screen Size], and the green means it is turned on. 5 The display size can be reduced by pressing the home button three times in quick succession (to enable one-handed operation, please disconnect the USB data cable), the screen size has been successfully reduced, click the [arrow] icon to adjust the one-handed input screen To the right and vice versa. 6 Click [Return to Full Screen] to return to the full screen view. Simply nothing to say. 7
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