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Teach Xiaobai to pick the phone and talk about the resolution

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-09
There are many girls around who come to ask questions about mobile phones, and most of the questions have nothing to do with the specific performance and new features of the mobile phone. It is a problem that can be seen simply from the parameters. For the simple and kind-hearted sister papers and Xiaobai users around me, the editor feels it is necessary to give everyone a lesson and tell everyone about the difference in resolution.  Resolution popularization   All pictures are composed of individual pixels, and these individual pixels are called pixels. How many pixels does a square screen have in the horizontal direction and how many pixels there are in the vertical direction? The multiplied value is the pixel of this screen.   The most commonly heard terms of netizens have become 720P, 1080P, and WVGA screens. In the past year, I have heard more of 720P and 1080P, and the screen described here is the resolution. 720P and 1080P resolution actually represent 720×1280 pixels and 1080×1920 pixels, respectively.  Pixel Density   PPi means pixel density, that is, the number of pixels per inch of screen. The higher the pixel density, the richer the display screen details. If you cannot find the description of the pixel density when looking at the parameters, you can also find the corresponding calculator on the Internet to calculate it by yourself. In general, it can be considered that the higher the PPi value, the clearer the display, and the less obvious the jagged edges of the screen after zooming in.   The Retina screen introduced by the iPhone is called the retina screen. In short, if you only consider the pixel density, when the pixel density reaches 320PPi, you will not feel that the screen has too many pixels on the screen. Of course, considering the different screen materials, there will be a certain gap in the display effect. For ordinary novice users, there is no difference between 720P and 1080P screens, and there is no impact on usage. For such users when choosing a mobile phone, there is no need to entangle these two resolution screens. For the second (girls and brothers who are extremely interested in digital, there are countless digital products they have seen) or the third type of users (ultimate players), the screen resolution and pixel density should be considered. Especially for the third type of users, the requirements for screen display effect and clarity are very high, so the resolution parameters must be more entangled.
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