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Talking about diversified user scenarios, the second phase of OPPO Technology Open Day ended successfully

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-06
In the hot summer, the enthusiasm of the developers was also extremely hot. This event attracted nearly 300 industry technical product elites to participate. The sharing guests also prepared sincere dry goods. Participating developers started to use OPPO on the mobile Internet. Exchange and practice sharing of new capabilities in the field. Activity site New capabilities: OPPO Smart Service Platform Application Exploration As the first guest to appear, Luo Zhiyin, OPPO Smart Service Platform Product Manager, brought a keynote speech on 'OPPO Smart Service Platform Application Exploration'. OPPO Smart Service Platform is a new intelligent distribution platform for OPPO mobile phones to cover all user scenarios. It provides users with more efficient direct services in various scenarios. For developers, the smart service platform has four major advantages: high-exposure new traffic; direct service and faster experience; greatly improved conversion efficiency; distribution of all mobile phone scenes. At the same time, Luo Zhiyin also revealed that the OPPO smart service platform will gradually open access to more application scenarios, including smart screen recognition, search, voice assistant, and lock screen. On August 10, the second phase of OPPO Technology Open Day hosted by OPPO Open Platform was held in Beijing. Compared with the first issue, the topics covered in this issue of OPPO Technology Open Day are more diverse, focusing on OPPO smart service platform, negative one screen, OPPO wallet, software store and other products to discuss diversified user scenarios and explore the value of product traffic. . Luo Zhiyin, Product Manager of OPPO Smart Service Platform [Xiangha Recipe] Practice analysis of the smart service platform Compared with the previous access, the new activation increased by 1114%. Lu Yunchuan believes that the development cost of the smart service platform provided by OPPO is lower, and simple access can enjoy the new traffic brought by all OPPO phones. This is a very good opportunity for developers. At the same time, Lu Yunchuan also showed the specific technical operation process of Xiangha recipes accessing the OPPO smart service platform, and said that with the continuous upgrade of OPPO smart services, Xiangha will continue to cooperate with OPPO in depth in the future to jointly promote the intelligentization of services . Lu Yunchuan, Head of Channel Operations of Xiangha Recipes New Fusion: OPPO Negative One Screen Intelligent Development In the expectations of the guests, Chen Xudong, OPPO Negative One Screen Product Manager, introduced the background, characteristics and future plans of OPPO Negative One Screen. In addition to the regular information display, the negative one screen based on the AI u200bu200bscene also provides users with information that they can't even think of, such as automatically acquiring your travel itinerary. It is reported that after the R15 mobile phone went online, the amount of activation and daily activity of the negative one screen rose rapidly. The proportion of users actively activating the negative one screen function was as high as 75%, and the proportion of daily active users who entered the negative one-screen browsing information every day reached 60%. Chen Xudong said that in the future, OPPO will continue to improve related functions and optimize product experience through the construction of an open platform, interface structure optimization, cloud + fast application, and construction of an active notification mechanism. Open to partners to access richer services. Chen Xudong, OPPO Negative Screen Product Manager [Flight Butler] The new integration of travel services and Negative One Screen After a short coffee break, Li Yang, the Commercial Director of Flight Butler, brought a keynote speech on 'A New Integration of Travel Service and Negative One Screen'. He Demonstrate the advantages of the negative one screen through the user's aviation travel scene. According to Li Yang, the number of users who actively use negative one-screen flight cards has reached tens of thousands, and the daily increase in new users and active users of the 'Flight Butler Express App' as a flight status service for negative one-screen flight cards has nearly increased. 300%. Li Yangxin, Commercial Director of Flight Butler, Entrance: Future Exploration of OPPO Wallet Service, Shen Ziwei, OPPO Wallet Product Manager, brought the theme of 'Future Exploration of OPPO Wallet Service'. Shen Ziwei said that OPPO hopes to get through through the system, safe and convenient payment capabilities. Consumer online and offline consumption scenarios. Use high-frequency payment scenarios to drive the overall flow of the wallet, and use scenario marketing and precise services to increase user stickiness. The wallet is not only a user's fund management center, but also a center of various life and financial services. Shen Ziwei, OPPO Wallet Product Manager, New Flow: OPPO Software Store Content Distribution New Forms Subsequently, Xu Pingping, OPPO Software Store Operations Manager, delivered a keynote speech 'OPPO Software Store Content Distribution New FormsNew traffic distribution method. Xu Pingping said that in the past few years, there have been many new features and new gameplay in the application distribution industry, which have greatly enriched the packaging and presentation granularity of App. These new forms better meet the demands of developers to focus on user quality, reduce the cost of users' acquisition of good content, and become the starting point for this revision of the OPPO software store. The revision of the software store focuses on supporting excellent applications and recommending high-quality content. The operation mode is richer and more user-friendly, including upgrades to beauty awards, first releases, details page upgrades, and a new OPPO application moment column. Xu Pingping, OPPO Software Store Operations Manager At the event site, the organizer also provided 3 Find Xs for developers to experience and communicate. The negative one-screen card and OPPO wallet service on the mobile phone left a deep impression on the developers. Mobile Experience Zone After more than 3 hours of sharing and communication, the OPPO Technology Open Day (Phase 2) came to a successful conclusion. In the future, the OPPO open platform will continue to carry out the OPPO Technology Open Day series of salons, listen to developers, serve developers, and provide developers with a platform for product technology exchange and interaction with the original intention of open innovation.
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