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Suddenly there is no sound on your iPhone. This may be the reason!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-15
-Question 2-When the iPhone is playing a chicken-eating game, a low-battery reminder pops up suddenly, and there is no sound after returning it. What's the matter? If you are playing a game with a headset, and when the low battery reminder appears, due to the conflict between the two sounds, the game sound may be lost. Try restarting the game first. If you can't solve it, you can only restart the phone. -Question 1-What should I do after I change my mobile phone number for the Apple ID that I used to log in with my phone number? After upgrading to iOS 11, iPhone users in China and India can directly use their mobile number as the username of Apple ID, and the two-factor authentication protection will be automatically activated. If you want to change your trusted phone number, you must first change your Apple ID account to another phone number. The first is to log out of the current Apple ID login and go to Apple's official website, find [Manage your Apple ID], log in to the account, and click [Edit] in the [Account] section. Choose to change Apple ID, enter the new mobile phone number, you can complete the unbinding of the old mobile phone number. Users who use a mobile phone number as an Apple ID can only change to a new mobile phone number, not an email address. -Question 3-What happened to the original DeepSense camera? iPhone X uses the hardware support of the original deep sense camera to realize the function of face ID unlocking the phone. If there is a problem with the original DeepSense camera, generally the phone will be damaged if it is dropped over the camera, and the phone cannot be unlocked by face recognition. If the problem occurs soon after the purchase, it is best to apply for a return to the after-sales service in time, and then re-purchase. If you miss the return time, you can only go to Apple's direct retail store for service support. -Question 4-The Cato is gone, where can I buy it now? You can buy a new one online or offline mobile phone repair shop, the price should be only a few dollars. If it is an iPhone 7 or higher water-resistant device, there will be a circle of waterproof rubber on the card tray. When you buy it, buy the rubber at the end, otherwise the water resistance will decrease.
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