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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
Sticking a mobile phone protective film is a common way to keep the screen of a mobile phone and prevent scratches. In fact, it is also very particular about the protective film of a mobile phone. Let's take a look at the specific method of sticking the film. Generally, the necessary materials for sticking mobile phone protective film are: hard card (identity card, bank card or other hard card), cleaning fluid, wide tape, wipe cloth, protective film and mobile phone. Among them, the wipe cloth should be made of a material with good flexibility, which can effectively prevent the mobile phone screen from being scratched during the wipe. Along one direction, wipe the screen with a wipe cloth to clean up the dirt and dust on the screen. Uncover the film and observe carefully, you will find that the film is composed of three layers, of which the top layer is used for protection, and the middle layer is the real film. Uncover the top layer at this time. Then uncover the bottom layer a bit, and then paste it on the screen of the phone, while continuously removing the bottom layer. The next step is the most critical part, which is to remove the bubbles in the mobile phone protective film. Place the hard card close to the top of the film, and prioritize the larger bubbles from the pushing process, slowly push them to the edge of the phone screen, and then squeeze out the air. When pushing, try to move as close to the edge as possible. Finally, squeeze the upturned parts around the film to ensure that the film is tightly integrated with the mobile phone screen. At the same time, if the film contains dirt or dust, it needs to be cleaned up in time during this step.
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