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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
For people who want to buy PET protective film, most of them don’t know much about PET protective film, and it is difficult to identify genuine and fake PET protective film. The value of a PET protective film is judged by men. Cheaper is not necessarily the best. Yes, maybe cheaper products have lower purchase prices, and businesses may earn more. Therefore, those who want to buy PET protective film must master the identification method of PET protective film. The identification method that needs to be mastered when buying PET protective film. The upper part of the PE protective film is yellow, and the lower end is blue; it burns uninterrupted; smokeless and dripping; such as the burning of paraffin, the PP protective film has the same color as the PE flame; the same as the black smoke, molten dripping Falling; such as petroleum odor PS protective film orange flame; the same as thick black smoke, softened and foaming; such as styrene-flavored PVC protective film, the upper part is yellow, the bottom is green, self-extinguishing white smoke from the fire, softened and can be smoked; such as hydrogen chloride smell, When the pungent PET protective film is yellow and blue, it can be broken into fragments without interruption; irritating odor Appearance characteristics:    PE protective film feels smoother, when it is not colored, it is translucent, flexible and tough. LLDPE feels softer, while HDPE is slightly harder. PP protective film is harder than PE and has better transparency. When it is not colored, it is white and translucent. Through the above comparison, I believe that people who buy PET protective film have basically mastered PPET protective film. The identification method is hoped to play a role in the purchase process.
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