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Special material PE protective film related introduction_protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-10-31
In fact, PE protective film is a relatively special material, and the product has great potential in the market. When processing, different processes have different performances, so no matter what industry is making a choice, it must be If you want to choose a protective film that suits your product, today I will talk about its wide range of applications for everyone. Interested friends can take a look with the editor! 1. The product has a very good light transmission effect. When we make a purchase, we can pay attention to the better the light transmission effect of the product, the better the quality of the material of the processed product, but this light transmission effect cannot be seen with the eyes If it comes out, it needs to be tested with a professional instrument. 2. The degree of hardening of the surface represents the degree to which the surface of the product is scratched, the higher the hardness, the less likely the surface of the product to be scratched. 3. We want to check the adsorption of the product. The speed at which the air can be discharged through the product. The faster the speed, the stronger the adsorption energy of the product. In fact, the main function of the product is to protect the surface of the object from damage, but some poor quality products on the market cannot protect it, and some even increase the probability of damage to the object. When we make a judgment, Let’s take a look at the glue thread of the product first. Under normal circumstances, the glue thread of a better quality product will not exceed 0.2 mm. This situation makes us invisible to the naked eye. The thickness of the product is also very important. During the inspection, we should focus on the toughness of the product.
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