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Sources revealed that users dream of a full-screen phone without a screen will be launched next year

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-07
In 2016 and 2017, the appearance of mobile phones began to compete. In September 2017, iPhone X bangs appeared. In 2018, Chinese mobile phone manufacturers gradually reduced their bangs and chins. In 2019, the camera under the screen will end the game. It is worth noting that there have been rumors in the past that Apple may abandon the iPhone notch design next year, but it is not yet confirmed. Launching industry celebrity Ice Universe said in a tweet posted on Sunday that the smartphones that will be launched next year will adopt the true full-screen design that we have been waiting for. This means that there are no large bezels around the screen, but no gaps. He did not specify which companies may launch these new full-screen smartphones, but his tweet seems to indicate that they may come from China. In addition, Apple has more hidden technologies than other smartphone manufacturers, because the TrueDepth system makes Face ID so complicated. Although this technology allows the company to embed a camera behind the screen, it can also be used in Apple's TrueDepth system, which means that the company may be one of the first companies to implement a full-screen phone. Regardless of whether Apple is one of the first companies to launch this exciting new design phone, it may be better than other companies. Because Apple has adopted a wonderful and expensive design technique to completely eliminate the 'chin' bezel at the bottom of the phone, the company's first full-screen iPhone may have the thinnest bezel in the world.
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