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Sohu sues Meizu for blocking its advertisements, demanding compensation of 2.1 million for stopping the sale of related products

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
Because a Meizu product named 'Meizu Router Speed u200bu200bEdition' can completely block ads on Sohu’s website and other webpages when it is connected to the Internet to play video content on Sohu’s website and App, Sohu believes that the above behavior is improper Competitive behavior, request the court to order Meizu to stop selling the infringing products involved in the case, and publish a statement to eliminate the impact of Sohu, together with Sohu economic losses and reasonable expenditures totaling 2.1 million yuan.   On the afternoon of August 30th, the Haidian Court of Beijing opened a trial on the case of 'Alleged that Sohu's video advertisement was intercepted and'Meizu' was sued for unfair competition'. At the court hearing, Sohu said: “First, the defendant carried out publicity and display during the product sale. Second, the defendant’s infringing product was turned on by default after installation, which not only blocked our video ads, but also blocked our pages. Advertising, its behavior constitutes unfair competition.”   Meizu said: “First, we do not believe that our behavior constitutes unfair competition. Second, the defendant’s sale of the router involved in the case did not specifically promote the video advertising blocking function against Sohu Video. It is not targeted. Third, the real function of the router involved is whether it can quickly and stably connect to the Internet, rather than blocking video advertisements. Fourth, there is no behavior that disrupts social and economic order. Fifth, there is no anti-nothing on our side. Article 2 of the Fair Competition Law violates business ethics. To sum up, we do not believe that the router's blocking of advertisements constitutes unfair competition for the plaintiff. '   This trial took nearly two hours. Since the defendant did not agree to mediation, the court Mediation was no longer organized in court, and the judge announced an adjournment.
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