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skr! Nut Pro 2S brand new color matching 1798 yuan Snapdragon 710 classic continues!

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-08
In terms of taking pictures, the JMGO Pro 2S has a big improvement compared with the previous generation models, with 16 million pixels in the front, 12 million + 5 million pixels in the rear, and IMX363 sensor. Provide AI scene intelligent recognition and optimization, automatically determine and recognize the scene, and perform single-frame optimization operation processing on the photo. Nut Pro 2S ranked 7th in DXO with a score of 95. At 7:30 pm on August 20, Hammer Technology released a new generation of new product Nut Pro 2S at the Cadillac Center in Beijing. Contains the subversive 'infinite screen' function, the subversive 'TNT' large-screen operating system. Based on the almost perfect predecessor, a new upgrade has been achieved again: Snapdragon 710 quasi-flagship processor, 3600mAh fast charge large battery, OLED full screen, global linear motor, 12MP + 5MP flagship AI dual camera. In terms of appearance design, Nuts Pro 2S continues the advantages of Nuts Pro 2. The hidden breathing light, hidden earpiece, and hidden light sensor make the front more overall. The side design of the fuselage is basically the same as that of the Nut Pro 2. The volume button and power button are placed on the right side of the fuselage, and the 'Lightning Capsule' independent button is on the left. You only need to press it lightly to say a word to the phone. It will automatically turn this sentence into a flash capsule and store it. The back of the fuselage has not changed significantly. The back adopts a hidden fingerprint logo design, which shows the personality and hides the fingerprint recognition module. The camera also adopts a hidden design, and the black model retains the body gold. Line design. In terms of performance, JMGO Pro 2S is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 710 processor, which is 15.7% higher than Pro 2 single-core and 5% multi-core performance. The Nut Pro 2S is equipped with a 3500mAh battery and supports 18W QC3.0 fast charging. Hammer Technology also released Smartisan OS 6.6.5 today, which mainly includes mainstream functions such as TNT, bullet text messages, and unlimited screens. The TNT public beta is available for download today, and the JMGO Pro 2S will be available for download and use in a few weeks. Bullet text message positioning is an ultra-efficient next-generation instant messaging tool. After more than three months of hard work, today the essence of bullet text messages has been transplanted to mobile phones. Nut Pro 2S has four colors: carbon black, glare blue, glare red and pure white. 4G+64G make friends price: 1798 yuan, 6G+64G price: 1998 yuan, 6G+128G price 2298 yuan.
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