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SK hynix enters LPDDR5 mobile phone memory: popularize 18GB capacity-SK hynix, LPDDR5-fast technology

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-31
This week, SK Hynix announced that the company has put into production LPDDR5 memory chips for smartphones and other devices starting in March of this year. Due to limitations at the SoC level, LPDDR5 memory is mainly used on high-end Android phones, and its higher bandwidth/speed provides a guarantee for high-quality video playback and recording, and smooth mobile games. Compared with the highest 5500Mbps of LPDDR4, the bandwidth of LPDDR5 is increased to 6400Mbps, which is 6400MHz, an increase of 16%. At the same time, SK Hynix also began to supply products with a capacity of up to 18GB, and used them on ASUS ROG gaming phones. According to the forecast of the statistical agency Omdia, the current market share of LPDDR5 DRAM is about 10%, and it will increase to more than 50% in 2023. For SK Hynix, the company will also produce 1a nm DRAM chips and introduce EUV lithography to improve efficiency and manufacturing accuracy.
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