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Simple steps for novice mobile phone repair

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-24
Posting on 07.07, repairing mobile phones must also have rules to make customers feel professional. Today, the editor of will explain the steps of mobile phone repair to mobile phone repairers. Method/Step 1. After asking the user to get a mobile phone to be repaired, do not rush to do it first, but first ask about the fault phenomenon, the time of occurrence, whether there is an instruction manual, the normal working conditions of the machine, whether it has been collided or injured. Have someone repaired it, etc., and pay attention to observe the appearance of the phone for any obvious cracks or defects. In addition, ask if the machine is a second cell phone, whether it has been repaired elsewhere, and how long it has been used for. These seem small problems, but they are very important for the next step of maintenance. Therefore, for an excellent maintenance technician, in the process of asking and understanding the fault, he can roughly judge the scope of the fault and the parts that may be faulty, so as to check the fault more efficiently and conveniently. 1 2. Master the correct operation method to repair a mobile phone. You can’t use a mobile phone, just like you can’t drive a car when repairing a car. Some maintenance personnel are very vague about the operation of the mobile phone. Number display, call forwarding, MEI code checking, phone book function, the display and modification of the year, month, and day in the machine are all unfamiliar, and I don’t even know the meaning of the status indicator of the phone: the red and green lights flash alternately to indicate an incoming call, and the red light out of the service area Flashes, the green light flashes in the service area. Even the menu cannot be adjusted correctly, and it is impossible to repair the phone. 2 3. Correct disassembly. Since the shell of the mobile phone is generally made of thin-walled PC-ABS engineering plastic, its strength is limited, and the mechanical structure of the mobile phone shell is different, such as screw fastening, internal buckle, and external card. The structure of the buckle, so for the installation and disassembly of the mobile phone, the repairer must be careful, see it clearly in advance, and then disassemble it after understanding the mechanical structure, otherwise the casing will be easily damaged. Disassembly and installation of mobile phones is a basic function of mobile phone repair. Some mobile phones are easy to disassemble and install, but there are also many mobile phones, especially some new mobile phones. If you can't grasp the tricks of disassembly and assembly, they are easy to disassemble. 3 4. Observe and determine the scope of the fault. After opening the cover, the circuit board should be visually inspected first. Check whether the cable is loose or broken, whether the component is soldered or broken, whether the contact piece is damaged or corroded, etc., check whether there is no error before powering on the observation, and make a record of the failure phenomenon.  According to the failure phenomenon, determine the various possible causes of the failure, and roughly delineate a failure range to narrow the failure. For example, failures that do not turn on usually occur in the power supply circuit or the 13M generating circuit. We should focus on repairing these parts during soldering and testing. Do not lightly “handle and move” radio frequency circuits and audio circuits that have nothing to do with the failure of turning on. foot'. 4 5. After troubleshooting and finding out the cause of the fault, you can replace different faulty components. When replacing components, pay attention to the type and specification of the original components. If there are no identical components, you should Search for information, find out which components can be replaced, and must not replace faulty components casually. 5 6. After the failure of the whole machine test is eliminated, the various functions of the machine should be tested to make it fully meet the requirements. For some soft failures, a longer power-on test should be performed to see if the failure will occur again, etc. The fault is completely eliminated, and then handed over to the user, in order to maintain their reputation for maintenance. 6 7. Record the maintenance log. Record the maintenance log just like a doctor records a medical record. Every time a machine is repaired, the following records must be made: what machine is it, what is the fault, how long the machine has been used, how it was repaired, and gone Those detours and so on. These maintenance logs, which seem to increase the workload, are actually a good way to learn and improve themselves, and also provide a basis for repairing similar mobile phones or similar faults in the future. 7
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