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by:YoukingTech     2021-10-31
Mobile phone protective film factory: excellent PET protective film and viscose product suppliers can be divided into: mobile phone screen protective film, mobile phone body protective film, Daqin 150 film, privacy film, mirror film, AR film, matte film , Anti-scratch protective film, mobile phone protective film Anti-scratch protective film for mobile phone body, mobile phone body decorative protective film; according to its materials can be divided into: mobile phone PC protective film, PVC protective film, PET protective film, AR protective film. According to the mounting principle, it can be divided into: adhesive protective film, electrostatic protective film (mainstream brand protective film adopts this method) and so on. PET protective film can be divided into: digital product protective film, automobile protective film, household protective film, food preservation protective film, etc. However, with the popularization of mobile phones and other digital products in China, PET protective film has slowly become a general term for screen protective film, and its functions in the field of screen protective film are also varied, the earliest high-definition scratch-resistant, VIPO functional protective film Favored. From the earliest PET protective film materials to the current popular AR materials, the Dongguan mobile phone protective film production plant has experienced more than 5 years of development and is slowly being accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups.
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