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Shenzhen protective film factory, Foshan PET protective film

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-01
It was first used to protect mobile phone screens, and then developed to the protection of laptop screens, tablet computers and other LCD screens. It is a protective film that can be used to protect mobile phone screens, LCD screens and other display device objects. According to the principle of film adsorption, it can be divided into: adhesive film, electrostatic film and so on. LCD protective film is no longer limited to protecting LCD screens. As Taiwan's functional protective film enters the market, it has added more fashionable and practical factors, such as matte film, mirror film, privacy film, AR film and radiation protection. Protective film, etc., these are built on the basis of the initial anti-scratch, through a special process to add special materials to make it have more functions. The LCD protective film can not only make the LCD screen look new and dazzling, it can not only play the effect of refurbishing the old machine, but also can prevent dust and fingerprints from entering the screen, play a protective role, and a small film integrates a lot of Practical functions are also popular among young people. PE material: The main raw material is LLDPE, which is relatively soft and has a certain degree of stretchability. The protective film of PE material is divided into anti-static protective film, reticulated film and so on.
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