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Several schemes of mobile phone protective film sticking film,

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-04
Solution 1: Only paste the center of the screen and buy a film that fits your phone model, then smoothly remove a circle of the outer edge, and then paste the film on the 2.5D screen phone. This method is a method of seeking the whole through grievances. The pasted film is not complete, and users will scratch their hands when they touch the area that is not covered by the pasted film. Solution 2: Use a customized 2.5D screen film. Some manufacturers have launched customized full-screen fit screensavers for some popular 2.5D screen phones, which can cover the 2.5D screen and make the film easier. This kind of film is relatively more expensive than ordinary cardboard film, but it is worth recommending.   For example, on an Apple mobile phone, just stick it directly. When sticking, align it with the Home button first. Align the bottom of the film, and then align the Home button. The bottom is aligned. The positions of the front camera and the earpiece are basically aligned.   Comment: The selection of mobile phone protective film needs to be done in one step, glass film is good, but filming is a technical job.
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