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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
A piece of film that protects the screen of a mobile phone is basically a necessary equipment for mobile phone users nowadays. Its uses are divided into screen protection film, privacy film, mirror film, AR film, matte film, scratch protection film, and mobile phone body scratch protection film. Decorative protective film for mobile phone body and so on. Its materials are also divided into four kinds of materials: mobile phone PC protective film, PVC protective film, PET protective film and AR protective film. Although it is very light and handy, it can protect the screen from scratches, but its protective effect is only limited to the screen. The anti-fall ability of the body itself has not been improved, and the body itself is still very prone to scratches. And wear. Anyone who has pasted a film should know that pasting a protective film is a technical job. It is sticky and difficult to paste, and it is easy to bubble, so many people will choose to spend 10 yuan to find someone to paste it outside. The first mobile phone screens are getting bigger and bigger and more fragile. Thinking of the era of the magic machine Nokia, it is really the mobile phone that is thrown away at will. So, today, Hexinjia Protective Film Material Co., Ltd. will show you the outer protection of your mobile phone. Mobile phone protective case: As the name suggests, it is to put a case on the mobile phone, its functions are anti-slip, shock-proof, scratch-proof, drop-proof, wear-resistant, distinctive personality, cool, strengthen the signal, and enhance the service life. Although there are various advantages, the disadvantages are also obvious. Heavy, cumbersome, and unable to protect the screen. There were many female friends around the editor who used diamond-tipped mobile phone cases, but they found it was really cumbersome, and the phone cases often pinched their hair. Contains dust and is very easy to get dirty.
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