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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
The hardness of the mobile phone's explosion-proof film and whether it is easy to burst are the absolute factors that determine its anti-scratch and explosion-proof effect. Huitong's advantages in this regard are obvious. 'Yang Ping introduced that although this kind of tempered glass film is very expensive, it is very popular in the market. After that, we also learned about the results from major merchants, and its effects are well received. It is not difficult to know why the glass film is The function is mainly because it is 'hardAnd the light transmission is also very good. How to achieve explosion-proof mobile phone tempered glass film? In this regard, we have further questioned the manufacturer. Yang Ping, the person in charge of the first domestic protective film manufacturer Huitong tempered glass film It means that there are actually many types of explosion-proof films for mobile phones, and the newly released tempered glass film has the strongest explosion-proof level. Wang Fei introduced to us, 'Generally, the explosion-proof film for mobile phones is a special PC plastic, although it can avoid the phenomenon of splashing around after the explosion of the mobile phone screen. But its explosion-proof function is not strong, but Huitong tempered glass membrane is very good in explosion-proof. '
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