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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
The most notable feature of the protective film is that it has a harder texture and is more scratch-resistant. Moreover, it will not turn yellow and oil out like PVC materials when used for a long time. In the past, it was generally adsorbed by static electricity, which was easier to foam and fall off, but even if it falls off, it can be reused after washing it in clean water. The current protective film can also be coated with glue. There are usually two types of glue. Acrylic glue has strong adhesion and silica gel has good high temperature resistance. Nowadays, when many well-known foreign brand mobile phones leave the factory, they are equipped with protective stickers. The PE material protective stickers are more exquisite in workmanship and packaging. There are protective stickers customized for hot-buy mobile phone models. Use, some of the well-known brand mobile phone film on the market are also made of PE material. It is understood that new protective films with excellent functions are constantly appearing, and because of the common adhesive skills, they have special functions and can fulfill multiple purposes. For laymen, the protective film is a plastic film, but also mainly used in the appearance of metal products, the appearance of coated metal products, and the appearance of plastic products, such as the appearance of household appliances, washing machines, microwave ovens, range hoods, etc., mobile phones and computers The appearance and screen protection of digital products, such as aluminum alloy and plastic steel doors and windows, are protected from the appearance when they leave the factory to prevent the appearance from being scratched and affect the appearance, and reduce the level of goods. The application of protective film materials in the industrial field is even more rapid, and higher requirements are put forward for the quality and characteristics of the maintenance film. The development and application of the maintenance film mainly emerged in Japan, the United States and some European countries in the early 1970s. After decades of development, it has now been widely used in machinery, instrumentation, electronics, shipbuilding, construction materials and automobile manufacturing industries. China started in the early mid-1980s and grew up in the early 1990s. The development layout of the plastics industry is related to the degree of economic development, consumption geographic level, key project construction, industrial supporting functions, labor supply and demand and quality, radius coverage of raw material supply, and characteristic demand for downstream products in all regions of the country, but the most important thing is for it The market supply and demand of supporting products. Where the market is, plastic products will appear. The layout of the plastics industry has shifted to adapt to changes in market supply and demand. With the continuous improvement of market demand, the improvement will include processing technology improvement, advanced equipment, and the function of raw materials used. , Higher labor quality, and will drive changes in the surrounding economic environment, forming an industrial agglomeration.
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