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Screen protective film, the surface of the computer LCD screen is wiped clean and protected

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-07
1. Please read the installation instructions on the package before installation, and compare whether the size of the LCD protective film is consistent with the size of the screen. 2. Try to find an environment with less dust when installing. This product is composed of three layers of film. The layer with the hand-tear label is the peelable protective layer and the layer without the label is the protective film. 3. The contact surface of the computer screen protective film and the peelable protective layer is attached to the screen surface during installation. 4. Be sure to wipe the surface of the LCD screen clean before installation. There should be no obvious dirt, especially particulate matter. When there is particulate dust, air bubbles will be generated. 5. Since the computer screen protective film adopts negative ion electrostatic adsorption technology, it will absorb small dust in the air after the peelable protective layer is removed. Therefore, we recommend that the peelable protective layer be removed as soon as possible after the installation is successful. 6. The operation speed of pasting the LCD protective film should not be too fast, and do not tear it too fast when peeling off and reposting to prevent the LCD protective film from deforming. 7. During the process of pasting the liquid crystal film, small bubbles can be squeezed out with a soft cloth or allowed to disappear naturally. 8. If you want to tear it off after it is pasted, you can use transparent glue to stick one corner of the protective film and slowly take it off.
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