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Screen protection film manufacturers, the key to screen protection film film, step by step

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
Filming: The key step is here. The filming speaks slow words, pays attention to step by step, and the goal is: no bubbles. First tear off one side of the film without tearing the other side, and pinch the fingers of your right hand on the white paper on the back to prevent fingerprints from touching the sticky side of the film. Then align the torn end with the straight line on the top of the screen, and use the Daqin filming tool to scrape down. Align the two vertical lines with the vertical lines on both sides of the screen. After aligning, press the straight end and paste it on the screen. Then the left index finger Gently rub back and forth on the film on the fitting part to make sure that there are no bubbles under the film. Continue this process, while slowly pressing the film with your right hand, the index finger of your left hand should continue to stroke back and forth. After the bubble appears, tear it back and reattach it. If the bubble still exists after 4 or 5 times of tearing, then Just take a closer look at the location of the bubble to see if there are impurities that were not cleaned up in the previous step. If there are, then I'm sorry, this filming operation has failed. When the screen protector is applied to the final stage, tear the white paper away from the film. At this time, the film leaves a corner of 1 cm. Theoretically, the shorter the better. If it is too much, it is easy to produce bubbles on the corners at the last moment. If you don’t have the help of the white paper, you can’t tear it back. In short, there is no chance for bubbles to occur during the process of putting the film on itself. After 2 to 5 minutes of hard work, you finally put the film on the screen without bubbles. At this time, pay attention to the edge of the film to see if it is close to the screen. If not, follow the direction from the inside to the edge. Press gently with your fingers until the edge of the film is completely attached to the screen. Note that the direction must be from the inside to the edge, and the force should not be too large. The wrong direction or excessive force will cause the edge to deform or the unsightly phenomenon of sticky substances stacked together. Okay, after finishing the fourth step, the phone film is perfectly attached to the phone screen. Summary: Pay attention to the stability, accuracy and speed of sticking screensavers
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