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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
You don't need to wear 3D glasses, just stick a thin screen protector and install related software, and you can watch clear and realistic three-dimensional images through your smartphone. This innovative technology called 'EyeFly3D' was jointly developed by the Institute of Materials Research and Engineering under the Singapore Science and Technology Research Agency and Temasek Polytechnic for two years. The thickness of the 3D protective film is only 0.1 mm, which is the same as the ordinary protective film from the surface. Researchers use nano-imprint technology to install nearly 500,000 accurately positioned microlenses on the surface of the protective film, so it can display three-dimensional images more clearly than other similar films on the market. It is also the only protective film that can display three-dimensional images in horizontal and vertical states. Currently, the protective film is only applicable to Apple iPhone 5 mobile phones and iPod Touch 5 players. To watch stereo images, users must download two specially developed photo and video applications 'EyeFly3D Img' and 'EyeFly3D Vid' from the Apple App Store. Some video sharing websites such as Youtube currently have many 3D videos. With the newly developed protective film, users can watch these videos directly on mobile devices. It is understood that the research team is developing applications that can convert ordinary 2D photos into 3D formats, and will soon release software development tools to assist developers in making three-dimensional video games.
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