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by:YoukingTech     2021-11-06
The protective film is used in the following fields: metal product surface, coated metal product surface, plastic product surface, automobile product surface, electronic product surface, sign product surface, profile product surface, and other product surfaces. The performance of the protective film is simply how much it stretches and how hard it stretches. For example, a deeper understanding of the role of the protective film in the industry is to protect the protected material from harmful gases and microorganisms during transportation, storage and processing; prevent dust pollution, mechanical scratches, and bending In the process of pressing and stretching, the lubricity of materials and molds should be improved, and the efficiency of processing operations can be improved to ensure the grade of the product and reduce the consumption of raw materials, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing benefits for the enterprise. Protective film is even more popular in today’s digital field, especially with the popularization of mobile phones and other digital products in China, protective film has gradually become a general term for screen protective film, and its function in the field of screen protective film It is also diverse, the earliest high-definition scratch-resistant, and now the OK8 functional protective film is favored. The material has gone through more than 5 years of development from the earliest PP material to the current popular AR material, and is slowly being accepted by the majority of mobile phone groups. When designing the screen protection film, after many experiments, I finally found the appropriate thickness data, and combined with the thickness of the protection film, it guaranteed the product's flatness, high scratch resistance, and high definition. As we all know, pressure-sensitive adhesives are only sensitive to pressure. You can adjust the storage pressure after being pasted or pasted. If the protective film itself is highly viscous, you can consider using it after the weather turns cooler (used below 20 degrees, you can feel the stickiness Relative decline).
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