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Samsung surpasses Xiaomi to return to number one in the Indian smartphone market

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-05
On July 25, quoting Phoenix Technology, market research firm Counterpoint gave out the shipment data of major manufacturers in the Indian smartphone market in the second quarter of this year. The report shows that thanks to the popularity of Galaxy J6, Galaxy J2 2018 and Galaxy J4 in the low-end entry market, Samsung surpassed Xiaomi with a 29% market share in the second quarter of this year, regaining its leading position in the Indian market. The gap between Xiaomi and Samsung, which ranks second, is not large, with a market share of 28%. It is worth mentioning that Xiaomi shipped more than 10 million units in a single quarter in the second quarter of this year, setting a record for the Indian smartphone market. Statistics show that in the second quarter just past, OnePlus was the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturer in the Indian market, reaching a staggering 284%, surpassing Honor (188%) and Xiaomi (112%). At the same time, the report also mentioned that OnePlus won the first high-end market share in the Indian market for the first time. Its flagship product OnePlus 6 released in the first half of the year was the best-selling model in the Indian high-end market in the second quarter of this year, surpassing Samsung and Apple.
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