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Samsung S5 does not use metal casing and curved screen-guangzhou optical materials manufacturer

by:YoukingTech     2021-11-11
Samsung's next-generation flagship Galaxy S5 will use a metal case? This is the report we heard before. However, the vision is always good. According to the information given by the Taiwan industry chain, the Galaxy S5 will not use a metal casing, because the metal casing of this mobile phone originally planned to be released in the first quarter of 2014 has not yet started production. If you still use the big plastic that hasn't changed for thousands of years, are the 'star fans' slightly disappointed? Samsung is preparing a processing technology called metal surface. Simply put, it is to wrap the metal body of the mobile phone with a diamond-like material to greatly increase the strength of the mobile phone casing. So what material will the S5 body use? The answer is really 'hard to guess'. In addition, since the launch of the Galaxy Round, the flexible screen protector has attracted a lot of attention. This is natural for people to guess, will S5 use curved flexible screens? It is also from Korean media that Samsung Galaxy S5 will not use flexible curved screens. The main reason is insufficient production and supply. Kim Jong-hyun, an analyst at Eugene Investment and Securities in Seoul, said: “The current output of flexible screens obviously cannot meet the needs of the Galaxy S5. I think flexible screens will appear as a derivative version at the end of next year.” It is undeniable. At present, the flexible curved screen is still in the development stage, and there is still not much advantage compared to the traditional screen, so Samsung will not use the curved display in the Galaxy S5. Love fashion, love digital, love life! As committed to building the world's leading protective film brand, we have always provided the most professional mobile phone screen protective film favored by consumers. Welcome to pay attention to Meicheng protective film.
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