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Samsung responded that the new headsets are suspected of causing ear inflammation

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-29
Recently, Samsung’s new headphones are suspected of causing ear inflammation, which has attracted the attention of netizens. CCTV Finance reported that many Korean consumers said that after wearing Samsung's new wireless headset, their ears have symptoms such as pus and crusting. It is reported that after using Samsung headsets, consumers feel very uncomfortable in their ears and go to the hospital to be diagnosed with otitis externa. It is suspected that the cause is the material used in the headset. Not only that, there are also users in China's Galaxy community and social platform Weibo who report such problems, and the symptoms are basically similar. 'It took two months for the pre-purchased at the end of January. At the end of March, the ears started running water. I used a cotton swab dipped in alcohol to wipe the external auditory canal and felt a wound. So I went to the clinic to prescribe some medicine...' Some netizens posted This is not for compensation, I only hope that Samsung will not play around with the health of customers, and take those ear caps seriously to check to see if the toxic substances exceed the standard, because he is not alone. Everyone's symptoms are surprisingly consistent. If you really have a problem, you should solve it. The industry believes that such problems may be caused by the increase in the volume of the earplugs and the skin of the ear canal. A Samsung related person recently responded that the product has been tested without harmful substances in the official agency test before the launch. Since the headset is an in-ear headset, sweat or moisture may cause the above problems. Samsung said that it is confirming the possibility of ear discomfort due to the structure of the earphone, and recommends that users clean and disinfect the earphone regularly, and keep the ear dry when wearing it. In addition, Samsung stated on the official website the materials of the headphones, especially the use of acrylate in the color matching process, and the use of nickel in the stainless steel of the headphones, prompting users who are allergic to related substances to avoid wearing them for a long time.
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