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Samsung official video confirms Galaxy Note 4 will be available in October

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-12
After Samsung officially announced the Galaxy Note 4, it released a series of videos to emphasize the power of its new flagship in the S Pen handwriting function. And now consumers are most concerned about when the Galaxy Note 4 will be officially launched. Now, Samsung has given the answer to this question through a new video, and the majority of Samsung fans still need to wait a few weeks to get this new member of the Galaxy family. First of all, in this video, Samsung reviewed the first GalaxyNote model that was unveiled in 2011, and at that time this product can be called the pioneer of phablet phones. Samsung even cited the ridicule of this large-screen mobile phone when the Galaxy Note was launched at the time, and some media even referred to it as a 'clumsy monster.' Of course, Samsung will definitely mention its old rival Apple in the video, saying that its rivals now also recognize the 'bigger the better' principle of mobile phone screens, and has launched a large-screen version of the iPhone 6 Plus. In the video, Samsung not only emphasized the large screen of the GalaxyNote series, but also talked more about the advantages of the large screen in terms of productivity, innovation and fun to use. The video quoted the features of multitasking and S Pen stylus, indicating that these two functions are temporarily not available in the iPhone. In addition, the video also quoted a few Twitter messages, 'mocking' the new iPhone has finally added some features that Samsung has already had. At the end of the video, Samsung typed the words 'The next big thing will happen in October' on the screen. It seems that the Galaxy Note 4 will officially arrive in major retail channels in October. But when it was in October, the video did not clearly point out, and did not disclose the specific details of the Galaxy Note 4 listing. Friends who are interested in this new flagship may wish to continue to wait patiently for a while.
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