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Samsung note4 turns off the beep every 5 minutes

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-25
The Samsung note4 mobile phone posted on 04.26 editor often rang every few minutes, like a short message alert tone. Sometimes it is very annoying when we go to bed at night, and it disturbs us to sleep. Let me teach you how to close it. Note series are all applicable. Method/Step On the main screen, click the program button at the bottom right to enter the program list, find the setting icon, click to enter, as shown in the figure below 1 In the setting interface, pull down to find the auxiliary function option, as shown in the figure below 2 In the auxiliary function Select the option to find the visual option, as shown in the figure below 3 Enter the visual option, click the notification reminder option, as shown in the figure below 4 In the notification reminder interface, you will see a reminder every few minutes below, turn off the notification switch in the upper right corner, as follows As shown in the picture 5 After closing, as shown in the figure below, there will be no repeated reminders if there are messages in the future. That's it! ! 6
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