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Samsung Note Edge first experience: the curved screen has a strong sense of technology

by:YoukingTech     2021-08-12
Since the launch of the GALAXY Note in 2011 by Tencent Digital News (Wang Yang), Note has become another product line that has attracted much attention from Samsung after the S series. This phone speeds up the route of large screens for Android products, and the addition of S Pen also makes GALAXY Note blur the boundaries between phones and tablets. On September 3, Samsung released the new GALAXY Note 4 and Note Edge at the National Stadium. The addition of flexible screens and the enhancement of S Pen functions have become the biggest highlights of the new products.  [Abstract] The addition of the Samsung Note Edge curved screen and the enhancement of the SPen function have become the biggest highlights of the new product.  Note Edge first experience: The curved screen has a strong sense of technology  The curved screen is a surprise  The simultaneous release of Note Edge became one of the highlights on the day of the press conference. Obviously, it should be regarded as an epoch-making product in the strict sense. Note Edge is the second smartphone that uses curved AMOLED screen technology after GALAXY Round.  Note Edge has an innovative design and interface. The addition of a curved side screen gives this product more modes of operation. The overall design tends to be streamlined, making the design of the product unique. Edge has become the world's first mobile phone product equipped with a double-sided folding screen, thanks to Samsung's technological accumulation in the screen, which is obviously not available in many mobile phone manufacturers. The screen of GALAXY Note Edge is a combination of 5.6 inches + 0.1 inches. It has functions such as quick reminders, night clock, exercise monitoring, stock market reminders, etc. For routine operations, it is more convenient and newer. Because all reminders or calls can be prompted through the curved screen, it will not interfere with the user's operations on the big screen. You can use the big screen to watch movies and use the small screen to view incoming calls and text messages. Edge uses the curved surface smartly. Screen + multi-task operation mode, so that the curved screen has a better operating experience. First experience with Note Edge: S Pen continues to be upgraded with a strong sense of technology and curved screen. S Pen has become the product label of the Note series. This time, Note 4 has once again enhanced the function and design of the stylus. The new stylus perception level has been upgraded from Note 3’s 1024. By 2048, the increase in perception makes the screen more sensitive in recognizing handwriting, and it also allows the stylus to draw finer handwriting on the Note 4, such as simulating the writing track of a pen or brush.   In terms of the function of S Pen, the floating command mode that appeared on Note 3 is continued on Note 4. The stylus will be sensed when it is close to the screen, and it can be used for the preview function of text messages and videos. On Note 4, the floating command has been enhanced. Samsung has added a smart selection function to Note 4. Users can freely select any text or image content on any interface, and immediately perform operations such as copying, sharing and saving.   At the same time, Samsung has made a bolder change to Note 4’s S Pen, allowing it to simulate a computer mouse. Users can drag and drop the S Pen trajectory to select multiple files or objects at once for batch operations.   The S Note software with the stylus has also been upgraded. The new S Note can record four recording methods, including pen writing, text input, shooting notes and voice memos. The innovative feature is that users can take pictures to convert the text on the blackboard or presentation into Note 4's own 'digital notesThe first experience of Note Edge: The curved screen has a strong sense of technology. The design inherits the tradition but has highlights. In fact, the Note series has been a cross-border product since its birth. It is not only a cross-border product line of mobile phones and tablets, but also entertainment users and business users. Cross-border products for users. The appearance design of Note 4 continues the basic tone of the previous Note series, and the design that is different from the previous three generations comes from the addition of a metal frame. It makes the 5.7-inch Note 4 smaller in body than the Note 3. Also more compact.  Note 4 has also become Samsung’s first mobile phone product with a 2K resolution screen, with a 5.7-inch 2K screen with a pixel density of 515. At the same time, in order to take care of such a large screen, Samsung also introduced the concept of 2.5D glass for the Note 4 for the first time. Compared with traditional glass, the edge position of 2.5D glass is smooth. This design is more collision-proof and safe. Higher, making the product more durable.   When interviewing the designer of Samsung Note 4, the other party admitted that the design of Note 4 is simpler than previous generations of products. Samsung hopes to use a simple and concise design to create Note 4, so that this product retains the design style of the previous product, while being closer to the business style. Obviously, between entertainment users and business users, Samsung hopes that Note 4 tends to the latter this time. Talking with designers about Samsung’s new products. When talking about Samsung’s GALAXY Note Edge, Samsung’s designers said that the addition of Edge curved screens is actually planned. This concept is to allow users to have an actual user experience when using Edge. Fusion together, as to why the curved screen is designed on the right side is the result of careful research by Samsung designers.   When talking about the Note 4 product, the designer revealed that the biggest difficulty currently encountered in the design of the Note 4 is the combination of technology and material. From today’s point of view, Samsung GALAXY Note4 has not continued to increase the screen, but the biggest advantage of Samsung Note 4 is actually the addition of the SPen stylus. Through SPen, Samsung Note 4 can be made smarter, and the enhanced multi-tasking combined with the screen itself is also very useful. good.   Samsung GALAXY Note 4 uses a metal frame, and the back is actually made of plastic. The designer said that Samsung designed this way because they have a lot of experience in plastic material design, and this is also to experience the diversity of materials. And the plastic back cover is also more convenient for users to change the battery. When asked whether Samsung will launch a metal phone in the future, Samsung did not disclose its plans.
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